Photography in Contemporary France – conference at the University of Nottingham, June 15th 2012

I have been invited to speak at a conference entitled Photography in Contemporary France at the University of Nottingham, June 15th 2012.

My paper is entitled ‘Retour/détour: Bruno Boudjelal and the Failure of Return’

This one-day conference will consider the multiple manifestations of photography in contemporary French society and culture, spanning the 1990s to the present day. Photography in general has been the subject of ever-increasing scholarly attention over the last decade, but often in relation to other fields and topics, e.g. art, digitisation and other media, literature, (auto-)biography, journalism, popular culture, travel and urban environment.

The purpose of this inter-disciplinary event is to bring together academics working on photography in relation to these and other subjects, in a specifically French context, in order to begin to better map and assess the multi-faceted reality of the medium and its uses, as well as different critical and theoretical approaches to it.

This conference is sponsored by the Society for French Studies, Nottingham French Studies and the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies of the University of Nottingham.


9.00-9.30 – Registration

9.30-9.40 -Welcome and opening remarks – Kathrin Yacavone (University of Nottingham)

9.45-10.30 -Olga Smith (University of St Andrews): ‘L’image performée’ in French Contemporary Photography

10.30-11.15 – Amanda Crawley Jackson (University of Sheffield): Retour/détour: Bruno Boudjelal and the Failure of Return

11.30-12.15 – Shirley Jordan (Queen Mary, University of London): Photography and the City: Thoughts on Interruption

12.15-13.30 – Lunch break

13.30-14.15 – Fabien Arribert-Narce (University College London): De la ‘notation’ à la ‘fictionalisation’ de la vie : les nouvelles tendances photobiographiques dans la littérature française contemporaine

14.15-15.00 – Akane Kawakami (Birkbeck London): Diary, photojournal or journal d’écriture? Traces of Annie Ernaux in L’atelier noir and Ecrire la vie

15.00-15.30 – Tea break

15.30-16.15 – Andy Stafford (University of Leeds): André Bazin’s ‘Ontology of the Photographic Image’ in Contemporary French Photography

16.15-17.00 – Round table discussion and closing remarks (followed by Vin d’honneur)

Panel: Amanda Crawley Jackson (University of Sheffield), Shirley Jordan (Queen Mary, University of London), Joseph McGonagle (University of Manchester)



About PlastiCités
Amanda Crawley Jackson lectures in French at the University of Sheffield (UK). She specialises in existentialist philosophy, urban spatialities and contemporary visual arts from France and the French-speaking world.

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