New Debates on Culture and Confidence

I have been invited to speak at a symposium hosted by Postcolonial and Migration Studies Research Cluster at the University of Sheffield.

The Postcolonial and Migration Studies Research Cluster will host a one-day symposium on New Debates on Culture and Confidence on Wednesday 6 July 2011. During the day we will investigate from an interdisciplinary and intercultural angle, the relationship between national narratives and cultural confidence.

It is envisaged that during the symposium we will the discuss three strands of research in this area that we have identified in preliminary discussions:

  • Cultural confidence and concerns of belonging. Belonging emerges as a critical concern in a globalising world. How is belonging defined in cultural terms in both (popular) writing and visual arts across Europe? Comparative practices across linguistic borders will be investigated.
  • Cultural ‘untouchability’ or multicultural madness. With traditional monolithic definitions of national and identity becoming untenable, has cultural insecurity led to a need for both the culturally extraneous and the European “natives” to assert themselves?
  • Cultural confidence and the home. Is the rift between private and public widening in a culturally anxious society? Is the home increasingly emerging as an exclusive space to which religious and cultural expressions are confined away from the public sphere.

For more information, visit the webpage of the Postcolonial and Migration Studies Research Cluster.


About PlastiCités
Amanda Crawley Jackson lectures in French at the University of Sheffield (UK). She specialises in existentialist philosophy, urban spatialities and contemporary visual arts from France and the French-speaking world.

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